5 Things I discovered about Hyzyd this week

1. He doesn’t like his PE uniform. He threw a fit last Friday when I let him wear it for the first time. He went to school on casual with his fave shirt but his teacher was able to persuade him to wear his uniform later on the day. This is the moment where preschool teachers have great influence on our kids. Kids tend to listen more to teachers than to their parents. It motivates me more to be the best as a preschool teacher:)

2. He doesn’t like soup with his rice but it’s different in school. During lunch time, I managed to sneak up on him. I’m proud to see my boy feeding himself (at home he eats only when I feed him) perfectly (without spills and making mess) and putting soup on his rice.

3. He likes mango but doesn’t like mango shake.

4.  Fruit Ninja expert. He beats me all the time!

5. Talk to him nicely and he’ll stop his tantrum in seconds. Getting angry on him especially with people looking at him will just make the situation worst.

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