Like Father Like Son Moment

My husband and I are both teachers (we’re classmates in college, actually!). What I love about this work is that both of us shared equal time spent with Hyzyd.I’m in-charge of Hyzyd’s eating time, bathing, and potty training . Reading time is shared by both of us. But when it comes to hobby, it’s bonding time for the father and son. Both of them have penchant for motorcycles. Even when we’re in Penang, Hyzyd sited a motorbike that according to him “it’s the same with dad! Please take a picture mommy!”. So here are the two of them riding on someone else’s motorbike: )

My boy’s so big now. Few years from now I can imagine him having his own motorbike with pirelli motorcycle tires or much better having his own car.

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  1. arvin says:

    tiyak sabay kayo pagpunta sa paaralan para magturo sakay niyan na sasakyan..

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