The Value of Employee Survey

Starting last year, the school paid me 12 months (for the past 4 years, foreign teachers were not paid on April because it’s vacation time and we don’t handle classes) because of good performance as assessed and evaluated by our Head. I’m hoping for the same thing to happen this April.
Every end of the semester, we have a meeting with our Head regarding our performance as ESL teachers. It’s also the time of the year where we could raise our concerns, our queries regarding our jobs, benefits and salaries or if we’re satisfied with our jobs or not. I think it’s much better if everything will be put into paper. The best thing our employers can do to discover what we think as their employees is to let us answer an Employee Survey. Employee satisfaction surveys help employers measure and understand their employees’ attitude, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction. Other employee surveys measure training needs, job satisfaction, communication, empowerment, and more. If we’ll respond to a survey, it’s best to preserve anonymity. I don’t want to be tied to my responses. I may feel threatened, especially if my opinion differ from the company line. As a consequence, I may choose not to participate, or my responses may not reflect my true opinion. To guarantee anonymity, I may suggest to employers to avoid demographic questions that deal with age, race, or position. We, the employees may feel that such information makes it too easy to identify respondents.

When designed properly, conducted regularly, and acted upon promptly, employee surveys are an effective means of gauging the state of a company while ensuring employee loyalty and productivity. By conducting surveys, employers show they care about employees opinions, and high participation is an indicator that employees are interested in sharing their views. A good survey can bring management and staff together, helping them focus on the task of moving a company forward.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for an employee survey company and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.


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