Hyzyd’s Update on December 2011

What’s good about having your preschool attend school in the school where you teach is that you can monitor your child’s every move. You can be his paparazzi! LOL! I just love watching him from a distance. He’s more behave and independent without his mommy. He’s such a baby when mommy’s around:)

Hyzyd’s forming a line for flag ceremony. I saw how he’s trying to show his teacher something.

Having a conversation with his teacher after nap time.
Time to pick up Hyzyd.
Remember how Hyzyd loves taking over the digicam here. Now here’s his shots from his classroom to his playground: 
Hyzyd’s teacher, T. Paen, and classmates
Teacher’s Aides
K-3 students
another Teacher Aide
around the school’s canteen
the tired parents:)
the playground

Hyzyd is showing his first art work!

Hyzyd’s new hobby- interactive stories from iPad2!


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One Response to Hyzyd’s Update on December 2011

  1. teJan says:

    hhehe..seems you already enjoying the growth of your kid! That is indeed lucky for you tha your kids is just around the corner..hehhe I mean in your playground where you work too!

    Godbless langga! best regards!

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