Discovering OM (Office Mind)

Though we’re already a year old in this place where we’re dwelling at the moment, I’m still a stranger of the whole neighborhood. Good thing that I have my younger sister now with me, thus, I have companion in exploring places around our street. This week, we discovered OM (Office Mind) . It sell all kinds of school and office supplies from kawaii erasers, mechanical pencils to recycled toner cartridges! They also have grocery section, beauty corner and affordable toys for kids for only 39 Thb.What’s good about it is it’s only 5-minutes walk away from our abode so in case we run out of supplies at home, we have this store to turn to instead of going to the big malls.

The following are just few of the loots I hauled this week from this store:

affordable organic soap

egg shape puzzle to practice matching shapes and colors, teach eye and hand coordination and it has 6 different shapes for Hyzyd to learn

plastic golf set for tots


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  1. EINz says:

    POnly 5min. away? that's very convenient for emergency purchases! Btw, i love the toy w/ different shapes, educational and fun =)

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