Oh, I almost forgot about the Photo Shoot!

I almost forgot to update my readers, especially to Arvin U. de la Peña and Vernz who wish us good luck for our photo shoot plans. It went very satisfactory. The photographer, our dear friend Janet Luison from Malaysia really did an excellent job ! We really had great time with her. I believe that the photographer takes great photos, not the camera. Thank you so much Ate Janet! Our photo shoot seemed like a family holiday to us all- time to relax, bond, chat, pose and enjoy nature! 

The location of the photo shoot is in Prince of Songkhla University (PSU) . They have this jogging area around the man-made lake:

Ain’t the location perfect?

Hyzyd has his moments too near the lake. It’s his first time and he loved the idea of throwing pebbles and the splash of water he created:

The photo shoot lasted for about 2 hours. We don’t get tired, we’re just sooo excited to see the result. For a moment, we tasted the life of “models” and we concluded that it’s not easy to be models! We need to practice our poses and facial expressions. Good for Hyzyd, he’s sooo natural in front the camera:

We all just hope that we make life easy for the photographer and hope that she’ll book us again for another photo shoot this year or next year .


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4 Responses to Oh, I almost forgot about the Photo Shoot!

  1. Cielo of Brown Pinay says:

    Thailand Mom Bloggers Rock!!!!

    gaganda talaga ng mga Pilipina

  2. Phebie says:

    nice one sis….maau kay nagkahi-usa mo dha..:) wa lagi si ate Lalaine.

  3. teJan says:

    wow! really nice photos…thanks forv sharing:)

  4. Arvin U. de la Peña says:

    wow, especial mention ako with vernz..nice photo shoot..

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