Mirror, Mirror on the wall

We miss our big mirror on the wall in our old apartment. Hyzyd loves to gaze his own reflection on a mirror. We had so much reflection fun before and I was told that it would help bolster my baby’s development .

Through that mirror, I introduce to my baby his handsome face by pointing at his reflection. I touched his nose, stroke his hair, gently pinched his ears, and name each body parts. Sure, he doesn’t know what the words mean at that time, but he was delighted just the same!

What’s the point of looking in the looking glass? The mirror game helps your
baby learn how to focus, track images, and explore the wonderful things a face
can do. Plus, it promotes social and emotional development as he interacts with
you . Eventually, he’ll learn that the friendly face he’s been looking at all
along is none other than his very own. Now that’s a powerful lesson in who’s

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