Are you considering Lasik?

Wearing spectacles are cosmetically unappealing for me. There is a degree of distortion when looking through the periphery of the glasses, the field of vision is reduced and on leaving a cold room, moisture can fog the glasses and blur vision for a few minutes…It’s such a hassle for me. That’s why I stopped wearing my eyeglasses for quite some time now.

Contact lenses? I’m afraid of infection! I can’t imagine myself insering and removing my contact lens evey now and then. It needs great attention to hygiene during the insertion and removal.

Other friends suggested Lasik surgery. Lasik? It makes me nervous to the fact that I’m not comfortable with anyone coming near my eye with something sharp. The various Lasik clinics sound anywhere from impersonal to something similar to Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, and the Lasik procedure itself sounds, well, surreal. It seems like the only people that would get Lasik are those with such bad vision that they cannot get out of bed without their glasses on.I can still get anywhere without my eyeglasses on so to have a Lasik surgery or not is not yet my concern.

Maybe I would be convince to undergo a Lasik surgery at a reputable Eye Center like Stahl Eye Center. Too bad, they’re not available here in Thailand. The Stahl Eye Center doctors’ patient outcomes have been independently verified by nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy USAEyes to meet or exceed the national norms for Lasik results. Fewer than 100 doctors nationwide have attained this certification.

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