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My entry for Couple’s Corner is quite late this week because we’re in Bangkok for three days. When we got home last Saturday, we had birthday celebration for our baby’s first birthday and my father’s 51st birthday. My hands are full the past week and the coming weeks..he..he..Thanks for the visit and I’ll soon visit you back.

taken last year 2002

I was still in 4th year high school when my hubby got attracted on me..LOL! He was on his first year in college and still new to the school whereas I’m already a “veteran” in that school…LOL! It’s customary in our school to have a joint flag ceremony with the college students on the first day of class. As the president of the Future Agricultural Homemakers of the Philippines (FAHP), I was assigned to deliver the flag’s emblem right after the singing of the national anthem. Those who aren’t accustomed to this tradition will have the shock of their lives (LOL!) because you’ll be startled to hear loud, booming voice saying “Hail to that emblem of rare beauty and patriotic meaning…!” right after you sing our national anthem. This is what happened to Josh (my hubby now)..LOL! He wasn’t expecting that the loud, thundering voice he heard is owned by a cute, petite young lady…LOL! He was mesmerized by my acne-free face then…he..he…He asked around on who am I and it happened that somebody knew about me coz she’s my classmates older sister. She told him that I’m the valedictorian of our class (mind you, it just happen that I’m the brightest of the dumb class…ha..ha..) and that a certain college guy- the school’s assistant editor-in-chief is already tailing me (I wonder why would she include this information?..tsk..tsk...) It’s not love at first sight for him. It’s just pure appreciation, I tell you…he..he…

On my part, I just casually meet him on my high school days. I got to know him as I continue my college years at the same school taking up BS Education . He became my classmate in Math class. He’s quite good in this subject while I’m struggling…LOL! He’s very friendly and his jokes drives us nuts but he never talked to me directly . My aunt (who happens to be my classmate in college) is fond of him coz he’s the nephew of her high school bestfriend. He once taught our class a certain jazz dance and I wonder why wouldn’t he pair up with me nor teach me personally when I asked him to. Instead, he let my other male-classmate teach me. He later confessed that he’s very nervous when my presence is around..LOL! I wouldn’t bite him if he only knew then…he..he…

It was on our last year on college that he started making his first move.. He didn’t graduate yet coz he shifted course from BS Fishery to BS Education and he has few major subjects to take up with us. We’re busy making lesson plans in our classroom one time and I overheard him confessing to a classmate that I’m his first crush when he first entered the school. It’s quite a revelation to me..ha..ha..and it makes my heart “bloat” LOL! ..and told myself “gotcha”…LOL! All those years I kept wondering on why he’s aloof with me and I later knew that he kept his distance coz his friend (the assistant-editor guy that I told you) was courting me before and also he sense that I’m kinda aloof to guyz. He was studying the techniques first on how to make the first base. As an eldest to 14 children, who can still allot time for puppy love…LOL! I’m all out for my studies and household chores (imagine loads of laundry).

He started to befriends my friend and start talking to me…ha..ha…He asked my whereabouts on weekends and told me that he’ll come and visit me. I’m quite tense because it would be the first time to entertain a suitor in my house with my consent..he..he…I thought he would back out on his first time of courting coz we don’t have privacy with my siblings all around…ha..ha..and my parents weren’t at home at that time so we haven’t talked that much. He thought that I’m not really interested in him coz I’m wearing my worst dress- T-shirts with stains and oversized pajama…ha..ha…It’s just one of my testing if he’ll still pursue me if he’ll see the “real” me…Good thing that he didn’t back-out. ..LOL! At school, my classmates were clueless coz we’re not that close at school and he wouldn’t talk about “us”. We just keep cool. He visited me every Sunday afternoon and dined with our family . After a month of courtship, I realized that I’ll give myself a break- maybe it’s time to enjoy what it is to love and be loved. Both of us admit that we’re not yet sure if we’re in love with each other. We’ll just give it a try. He assured me that if I wanna give up, he’ll let me go and if our relationship works out then he will marry me and be the mother of his offspring. It touched my heart. No one ever told me that they will marry me. The moment he spoke those words, I knew deep in my heart that I’ve found a mature and responsible guy.He courted me on August 12, 2001 and I accepted his proposal to be his girlfriend on September 2, 2001. He’s finally sure of himself that he already love me on November 12 . I grow in love with him during our relationship- so much love that I would say “YES” anytime that he’ll ask me to marry him…LOL!

On the fifth year of our relationship, I decided to come over in Thailand and explore the world of teaching English to students of other languages. It’s also a good break for the monotony of our relationship. We wanted to make sure if what we felt before is still the same- is it love or just purely friendship. You see when your relationship stays that long, familiarity already breeds contempt. My stay in Thailand for a year made us sure of our feelings for each other and we decided to finally get married and never ever be separated again.

I went home on October 2007 and got married to Joseph “Josh” my dear who patiently and faithfully waiting for me.He’s the only one for me- my first and last boyfriend and finally my hubby for life:)

We just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last October 18 and our son’s 1st birthday. We’re each for the other, both for the Lord. Together we will live a happy life.

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8 Responses to When Josh meets Jenny

  1. sweet_shelo says:

    wow , what a love story sis.. Long courtship and pakiramdaman pala ha.. You are very smart pala sis ha.. As you are the valedictorian..

    Happy 1st bday to hyzyd.. You have long way to go for a more blessed relationship and togetherness as a family.. Love to hear more of your love..

    Recent blog:=- Thankful Notes

  2. yami says:

    Very well written sis. No wonder why write that well is because you're the class valedictorian. matagal din pala kayo naging steady before you finally settle down, but the long wait is all worth it. Josh is lucky to have found a gem in you.

    sis yung sa akin kasi madrama as much as gusto kong ishare especially yung 'we're in love' theme natin this week kaya theme song na lang pinost ko (up already). may mga painful memories kasi that i just want to keep to myself. pero who knows baka isang araw isulat ko din. 🙂

    anyway, igreet ko ulit si Hyzyd ng happy birthday at sa inyo ni Josh, happy anniversary. 🙂

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  3. payatot says:

    hi ma'm petite! hehe, kakaaliw naman basahin ang post mo ma'm. nga pala nagmula ako sa blog ni mommy beth at naglilibang magbasa ng mga kwento ng inyong mga couple's corner. salamat sa mga sharing nyo at least nakikilala kayo ng iba pa na kung sino ba at ano ang inyong pagkatao…good luck ma'm at one thing more, bagay kayo ni hubby. oi, di ako sumisipsip ha…!

  4. liz says:

    Wow, that's a great story, parang movie ah. so, yun pla ang story behind it, nag try muna kayong maging BF/GF, and it turned out great. I enjoyed reading your story, parang nakikinita ko pa ang flag ceremony nyo, hehehe. Pareho kau ng cousin kong si Eds, at ng friend ko, first bf eh napangasawa niya..Meron palang ganon..Ibang pagka inlove pala ang ganyan.

    Mommy Jenny, sa November pa po ang Marriage Proposal at When We said I DO topics eh, hahaha..nasobrahan ka ng pag ka in love eh nilagay mo na rin, hahaha! Oks lang, we need more stories of yours sa ating "WE"RE In love" topic sa Wednesday. Kisses kay HYZYD.

    Recent blog:=- His Big LOVE…

  5. Guest says:

    Distance would not be a hindrance for two people were really in love.Sometimes being apart teach us what we really felt 'though.I know how it feels being apart is not that easy yet being together at the end of the journey is a truly blessing.You two were really meant for each other Gene.
    I enjoyed reading your love story & 'm happy for you.Atleast now I know the story behind those smiles hehe.Happy happy b-day to Hyzyd & to your father.
    It's so nice seeing you back online again.Hugs & kisses to Hyzyd & regards to your Mom & pop.:D
    Btw,thanks for all the good words as you passes by.Tinadtad mo ako ng comments ah talagang bumawi ka ha,but I really enjoyed reading all your comment as much as appreciate it.God Bless!Mwah!

  6. PINAYMAMA says:

    love your story sis! sorry for the late visit!

  7. Bacolod and Beyond says:

    wow, ang sweet naman ninyo, kakikilig to the bones, whaaaaah!

    Recent blog:=- Word-Filled Wednesday

  8. bambie says:

    Long post but i enjoyed reading it.. naalala ko naman ang highschool days ko, iba din kasi manligaw mga pinoy, parang pa-torpe torpe diba lol

    Definitely you're made for each other.. ang tagal nyo rin naging mag-bf. And I must say na good boy sya. Belated Happy Anniv sa inyo 2. MOre blessing to come.

    Recent blog:=- Thanks To You Droppers

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