Music and Hyzyd

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As parents I would love to expose my baby to classical music at a young age. I believe that youngsters who have had this exposure have an advantage in academic abilities, self-esteem, and probably improved attitudes in general.

Music helps us to make sense of the world. Through sound we can give an expressive shape to our experience. It is a pleasure and a joy for its own sake. The National Curriculum for music says, “As an integral part of culture, past and present, it helps pupils understand themselves and relate to others, forging important links between the home, school and the wider world.”

Good for Hyzyd that he has a musician uncle and a drummer dad. He loves both the guitar and drum.

Guitar lessons with uncle
He can also identify guitars on shirt!

drum lessons with dad

this is the way Hyzyd drums!:)

can’t resist to explore the real drums!

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8 Responses to Music and Hyzyd

  1. sweet_shelo says:

    Im sure Hyzyd will grow up to be a drummer boy someday.. Or a lead guitarist too..

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  2. Lalaine says:

    that's the smallest drum set I've ever seen..haahha! naa diay ingn ana li'l boy would really love that.. sige mg clasmate si Lyle ug si Hyzd sa drums lessons ha? i hire nato c Uncle Bjoy..pila man per hour? 🙂

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  3. jacris says:

    Dada is so sweet. I like the drum lesson with dad ang cute nilang pag masdan…
    Happy weekend :p

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  4. ela says:

    wow, musically inclined naman pala kayo sa family e. so he really would be drawn to it. aliw naman!

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  5. Clarissa says:

    Pwede ng mag set ng band ang family mo,Mommy Gene!!Musicians runs into your family!!What a cutie lil drum set!!^_^

    Happy Mommy Moments!!^_^

  6. yami says:

    Musically inclined pala family mo Gene at susunod sa yapak ng dad at uncle niya si Hyzyd. Maganda yan.

    Magandang exposure ang music sa bata. Classical music din pinapadinig namin sa mga bata noong maliliit pa sila until now. tingin ko may tulong naman hihi or baka mana lang sila sa tatay nila. lolz

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  7. chris says:

    im sure he will be a good musician someday! 😀

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  8. Guest says:

    You're absolutely right Mommy Gene,we have to expose our kids to music @ their very young age,my kids learned the piano when they were four.I like the photos of Hyzyds drumming w/ his uncle.

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